Amaze your family, friends and clients with perfect stunning cheesecakes that never fail to impress!

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About our culinary school

Explore a variety of interesting recipes including cream cheese toppings, cracker crusts and fruit sauces, and learn how to personalize them with unexpected flavors and spices. Learn important baking techniques to ensure your cakes are always perfect. Master your decorating skills by creating many elegant embellishments and learning the intricate techniques of working with isomalt and phyllo dough. Explore the world of edible flowers and improve your fruit and fudge making skills.

Finally, you'll get a detailed step-by-step guide to decorating and serving four unique and stunning cheesecakes, and how to create three gorgeous large cheesecake designs.

You can use the recipes and techniques learned in this course for many projects and improve your baking skills in many areas. Just put on your favorite apron and join us on your journey to culinary excellence!

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone interested in a serious career in baking and decorating cakes.
  • Anyone who wants to learn a huge number of important recipes and sophisticated decorating skills.
  • Aspiring bakers and pastry chefs who want to make amazing cheesecakes and desserts
  • Beginning pastry chefs who want to learn how to make filo and isomalt decorations
  • For everyone who loves cheesecakes and would like to be able to make them at home.


You can learn pastry making online. It is convenient, profitable and efficient. Choose the right course to study the program and organizational issues.
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Basic pastry course              $42,90

In this course, you will learn how to cook sponge cakes and desserts, work with cream and smooth cakes, decorate cakes with berries, flowers

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Cheesecake course                  $33

Learn how to cook cheesecakes with and without pastries, make neat sides of shortcrust pastry, stylishly decorate cheesecakes, make cheesecake toppings

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Course Mousse Cakes            $40

Learn how to cook mousse cakes, understand technology, make chocolate decor, decorate cakes in style

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Cooking macarons                 $36

Learn how to make caps on Italian meringue, learn the theory of macaroons, learn the secrets of kneading, jigging, baking and assembling cakes.

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Course Chocolatier                 $44

Understand the physics of chocolate, the theory of tempering, learn how to make chocolate decor (flowers, balls, twists, rims, figurines)

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Marshmallow course                $23

Learn how to cook marshmallows using 3 technologies

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Free pastry course

Sign up for a free pastry course. It is suitable for those who want to competently and quickly master the basic skills of a confectioner: working with biscuits, meringue, chocolate, caramel and cream.

The theory and practice of the course are intertwined, helping to learn the basics of confectionery and inspire you to create delicious and beautiful cakes and desserts.

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